Want to De-Fund PP?

Hard-headed political advice from Rebecca Hamilton, recently retired from years in the Oklahoma state senate. She knows how these things work. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/rhamilton/if-were-serious-about-defunding-planned-parenthood-we-can-do-it.-heres-how/ . See also her blog at Patheos.

The throne of God’s sovereignty is the Blessed Sacrament upon the Altar. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, is there, always reigning, by the power of His love attracting the human will in all its freedom to Himself.
~ Cardinal Manning, Towards Evening

Tweeting with God, Book Review

Welcome, Patheos Readers! Please check out my review over at Patheos of a very good book, Tweeting With God. See the other reviews and discussion, and read an excerpt.

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Back here, The moon, and Venus. Just because, pretty photography; and, this is the 46th anniversary (!) of man landing on the moon. The photo below was taken just before the 20th anniversary, in 1989, in Huntsville, Alabama. These are Aldrin, Armstrong, and Collins, being raised in some sort of lift, above a large crowd that had come to see them. Music was blaring and there was a laser show. The crowd was full of actual rocket scientists. We were standing behind a rope at the edge of an artificial moon crater that had been used for training during Apollo days. When the astronauts were lifted up like this a wave of something nearly like worship roared out of the crowd, rolled across the crater, and made me draw back. The yearning was understandable, but it was too close to worship.

Moon, and Venus

So wonderful to learn new things about Pluto. Then again, our own moon never fails to amaze. Tonight it put on a show with Venus. (Supposedly Jupiter was nearby but either I was too late out or something was in the way of it).

Laudato si, mi Signore, per sora Luna e le stelle:
in celu l’ài formate clarite et pretiose et belle.

Be praised, my Lord, through Sister Moon and the stars;
in the heavens You have made them bright, precious and beautiful.

From the Canticle of the Sun by Saint Francis of Assisi.

Handheld but leaning against a building for steadiness, necessary at 200mm.

Spare a Prayer

…for our fellow Christians in and near Iraq. Remember them in a Rosary today? A few recent news items:

Great header photograph as well. I wonder if she is praying for us to help her.

“Anglican bishop reportedly told: ‘There is no way that Christians will be supported because of their religious affiliation,” the State Department said.’

Mosul churches now mosques:

Father Dan Zehnle frequently updates lists of news items on ISIS and Boko Haram. Look on the right side of his blog. Here is a good recent homily from him: