Spare a Prayer

…for our fellow Christians in and near Iraq. Remember them in a Rosary today? A few recent news items:
Great header photograph as well. I wonder if she is praying for us to help her.

“Anglican bishop reportedly told: ‘There is no way that Christians will be supported because of their religious affiliation,” the State Department said.’

Mosul churches now mosques:

Father Dan Zehnle frequently updates lists of news items on ISIS and Boko Haram. Look on the right side of his blog. Here is a good recent homily from him:

Abandonment and the Church of Martyrs

A good article on the church in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq): “Despite its isolation, it maintained its apostolic doctrines, and ever since its establishment, not a century has passed in which it has failed to produce martyrs….What is most remarkable about people facing such a trial is that despite feeling abandoned, despite being beaten and “wounded” by the “watchmen” of the night (Sg 5:7), despite suffering from “mocking and flogging,” “chains and imprisonment” (Heb 11:36), they remain faithful to their Beloved.”

Read the rest over at the Dominicana Journal.

Remembering Iraqi Christians on St. Stephen’s Day

On this Saint Stephen’s Day, named for the first Christian martyr, let us remember the Christians who have been driven out of Iraq. Here are some recent stories, some with great photos.

Christmas in an Iraqi refugee camp: Moving pictures show nativity scene set up by some of the thousands of Christians fleeing ISIS

Displaced Christians In Iraq Prepare For Christmas With Festive Holiday Market

They Fled ISIS, but They Can’t Flee Winter

They Are Willing to Die for What Most Christians Are Barely Willing to Live For

A beautiful Picture of the Day, from the Telegraph

Christmas photos Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan

Two Years a Catholic

Two years, today, I became Catholic, thanks be to God! I love being Catholic. This date sneaked up on me, as I was thinking in terms of two Easter Vigils ago, and Easter is later this year.

This turns out to be the date of martyrdom of Saint Henry Walpole, a convert, priest, and Jesuit. He was present at the execution of Edward Campion, close enough to be splashed with Campion’s blood, and soon after that, he converted. HenryWalpole

Saint Henry Walpole, pray for us!

Feast Day of Saint Anne Line

Today is the feast day of Saint Anne Line, whom I wrote about here, but here’s the information again:

Saint Anne Line – hanged, at Tyburn 1601. From the book, They Died at Tyburn, she said “I am sentenced to death for harbouring a priest, and so far am I from repenting for having so done, that I wish with all my soul that where I have entertained one I could have entertained a thousand.”

Another, page, with a painting:

Interesting speculation on a Shakespeare connection, here:

Saint Anne Line, pray for us.