Two Years a Catholic

Two years, today, I became Catholic, thanks be to God! I love being Catholic. This date sneaked up on me, as I was thinking in terms of two Easter Vigils ago, and Easter is later this year.

This turns out to be the date of martyrdom of Saint Henry Walpole, a convert, priest, and Jesuit. He was present at the execution of Edward Campion, close enough to be splashed with Campion’s blood, and soon after that, he converted. HenryWalpole

Saint Henry Walpole, pray for us!

About this blog

Hi. Since becoming Catholic I have thought about starting a photoblog, to feature my photos of beautiful Catholic people, places, and things… perhaps at the beginning of the Year of Faith, this October. Then my church had a very beautiful service, and it seemed foolish to wait to post these photos I took, so here we go.