How to Share Kindle Highlights

I see bloggers sharing some text they have highlighted in their Kindle reading, but could not see how to do this. Thanks to teh InterWebz I have it working now. The following assumes you already have some passages highlighted in some of your Kindle books.

1. In the Kindle App on your iPad (probably also iPhone), in the Library, lower right corner, choose Settings, then Other, and switch on Annotations and Popular Highlights.

2. Then on a computer, go here: . It will have you log in to Amazon. The resulting page shows you popular highlights from other people, but above that you will see a link, “Your Highlights.” Click that and you get a page with passages you have highlighted, and you can just cut and paste into Word, etc.

The link in Step 2 above was the piece I couldn’t find within the Amazon web pages. I found that within this slideshow: .

Evernote Saved Searches in iOS 7

If you are an Evernote user and have gone to iOS 7 on your iPhone or iPad, it may not be so obvious where Evernote’s Saved Searches are.

On your iPhone or iPad, from the main Evernote screen, pick Notes, to see all of your notes (well, really, just the last few you looked at). In the green bar at the top you will see the little magnifying glass. Pick that.















When you do that, you will get a screen of a few recent searches, and the keyboard. Touch and push the searches upward. The keyboard disappears and you see at the bottom of the screen Saved Searches.




Here is Evernote’s blog post on their latest release.

Here’s Sarah Rheinhardt on how she uses Evernote. Jennifer Fulwiler finds it handy for, among other things, meal planning and recipes. Any thing you _might_ need to remember later, just put it into Evernote. If you are just starting with Evernote, help yourself out later by tagging entries. The search function is powerful and does rely on the tags.

One more link, on how to make a saved search on your Mac’s version of Evernote. This is also not obvious, so I Googled and found this video, which shows it clearly: . If I find out how to create a saved search on the iPhone, I will update this post. (Anyone want to chime in?)

(FYI, I am not connected with Evernote in any way. I just use it all the time).