Deacon at Easter Vigil – UPDATED

Deacon at Easter Vigil

This is the feast day of Saint Lawrence, deacon. Deacons are another one of the many treasures that I found happily when I came into the Catholic Church. In this photo, Deacon Mahefky stands by during the Easter Vigil of 2012. The only light here is from the light of the new fire that has been lit. Soon the Easter Candle will be lit from the fire and the Deacon will bring it into the Church, singing “Lumen Christi!”

Saint Lawrence was known for his fearlessness and good humor in the face of Roman persecution. Here are some resources to read more about this wonderful deacon. Happy feast day to all of you deacons!

Some beautiful stained glass photographed by Dominican Paul Lew, and an interesting homily of his for the day:

UPDATE: See this post at Vultus Christi, with wonderful paintings of Saint Lawrence by Blessed Fra Angelico.

Torch So Precious

Baptismal candle, 2013

Paschal candle, 2013

One of the most wonderful things there is: at the Easter Vigil the priest puts these grains of incense into the new Paschal candle, saying:

By his holy
and glorious wounds,
may Christ the Lord
guard us
and protect us. Amen.

Or, in Latin:

Per sua sancta vulnera
et conservet nos
Christus Dominus. Amen.

Happy Easter to all, especially to all new Catholics this day!