Pre-Concert, Martin Pasi Works


Organ Builder Martin Pasi shows intense concentration as he works inside the organ.


Skye Hart, at the keyboard, plays notes as requested by Martin Pasi, who is up inside the organ (at the top of the ladder).


Pasi climbs a ladder to get into the organ…


Martin Pasi, who built the organ, looks up and surveys his handiwork as he listens to Jim Dorn, organist and choirmaster at Saint Benedict, playing Pasi’s Opus V.

Corpus Christi Procession 2013

Why yes, we did indeed process through Richmond, Virginia’s Museum District. Top, the beginning of the procession. Off-camera to the left, several trombone players played Adoro Te Devote, which worked very well – we could all hear them and keep the singing together. We had music sheets with the melody (in modern notation) and the Latin words. Bottom picture – some of the people in the procession. Some passers-by didn’t know what to make of it. Some did and smiled. One man bowed his head as the Monstrance was carried past him. The procession went around the city block, then back inside for a period of adoration, the Divine Praises, etc.














(These are still frames from iPhone video).