Pope St. Gregory the Great


Today is the feast day of Pope Saint Gregory the Great.
According to http://saints.sqpn.com/pope-saint-gregory-the-great/ he is the patron saint of the papacy, musicians, students, teachers, and others.

This image is a detail of the mural in the apse of Saint Benedict Catholic Church, Richmond, Virginia. Pope Saint Gregory the Great here is wearing the papal tara, and holding his Regulae Pastoralis Liber, which you can read in an English translation here.

In the Office of Readings today, we see from one of the saint’s homilies, “So who am I to be a watchman, for I do not stand on the mountain of action but lie down in the valley of weakness? Truly the all-powerful Creator and Redeemer of mankind can give me in spite of my weaknesses a higher life and effective speech; because I love him, I do not spare myself in speaking of him.”

“Christ, you decided to show your merciful love through your holy shepherds, – let your mercy always reach us through them.” (LOTH)

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