Concert for Dedication of Organ


Kimberly Marshall, an outstanding organist currently at Arizona State University, talks about one of the pieces she is about to play. The program was splendid. Dr. Marshall played beautifully a program of widely varied pieces. Fortunately it was being recorded for eventual broadcast on NPR’s Pipe Dreams.


Skye Hart, an organist and a lyric tenor, sang for parts of the concert. Here he stands at the front. Two screens were set up. The one on the right ran a live picture of Kimberly Marshall, playing in the choir loft. This was a great solution that let people see her playing, without turning around in the pews. Hart’s voice really added to the program.


Father Kauffmann, pastor of Saint Benedict Catholic Church, has a few remarks before the concert. To the far right, seated, smiling, is organist and choirmaster Jim Dorn. These two (along with many others) worked very hard, for years, to see this day arrive, thanks to some very generous parishioners! There is much more information about the organ and its installation at the church at the church’s website .

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